Our charges

Cabinet Dentaire de Rumine follows regulatory tariffs and offers different payment methods

Regulated dental tariffs and no nasty surprises

Introduced in 1976, the dental tariff was the first medical tariff based on rules for healthy financial management. The prices of the different services have been set by the tariff partners not in an arbitrary manner or based on costs negotiated on a political basis, but rather on the basis of economic figures from an average dental practice, taking into account the latest Swiss legal requirements in terms of hygiene and the level of staff salaries in Switzerland.


The dental care tariff lists more than 500 different dental activities. Each of these services is assigned a certain number of points. The cost of each service is obtained by multiplying the relevant number of points by the applicable point value.


Our point value is CHF 1.00. The maximum permitted by the Swiss Dental Association (SSO) is CHF 1.70. We offer staggered payment plans.


The cost of scaling performed by our hygienist varies from CHF 125.60 for light scaling to CHF 157 for major scaling. You can find more information on the “scaling” page on our site.

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