Our philosophy

Cabinet Dentaire de Rumine follows an approach centred around keeping the patient well-informed and taking their concerns on board

Notre philosophie est une approche centrée sur le patient - Cabinet Dentaire de Rumine

Your well-being is our priority – with our support and sensible approach to your dental treatment

With more than 70 years’ experience, our practice aims to provide a welcoming space centred around everyone’s well-being: yours as a patient and ours as a team.


The main prerequisite for this – and the most delicate – is the specific trusting relationship between practitioner and patient. As such, we are committed, above all, to listening to your requests and requirements, and explaining our proposed solutions in plain language. We are also committed to offering you several different approaches from the outset, together with a comparison of their benefits – medical and financial. For us, the patient must understand the aims of the treatment and how it will take place in order for it to fully succeed.


Our treatment ethos has led to us adopting a“reasonable and rational” approach aimed at conserving your natural teeth by prioritising conservative care over prosthetics. We follow this programme of care and this approach to help you keep your teeth for as long as possible – sometimes with a timescale of more than 50 years! Our advice becomes more relevant with this in mind.


This ethos is clear from the central role played in our treatment by the preventative care provided by our team: dental hygiene is the cornerstone of our patients’ oral health. The best dentist in the world can’t fully counter the effects of poor dental hygiene. mPreventative care is all about avoiding new cavities and maintaining good gum health. Our team of practitioners is trained to give advice tailored to suit our patients – from the very young to the very old. Knowing teeth-cleaning techniques that adapt with age, understanding bacterial processes in the mouth, and the dental hygienist’s care and maintenance all help drastically reduce the risks of decay.


As part of this ethos, we may advise against some treatments you might come across online, even those that are lucrative for dentists, if they seem inappropriate for the patient. A classic example is teeth-whitening: it’s a simple activity that sometimes leaves a bitter (and expensive) taste of disillusion. Although we have expertise in several whitening techniques, we will sometimes offer different cosmetic treatments, which are better suited to the patient’s needs, gentler on the teeth and gums, and more respectful of the environment.


We pay particularly close attention to welcoming children, as it is crucial for their oral health that their visits to the dentist are pleasant experiences that do not cause them anxiety. This allows annual or six-monthly visits to become a routine they’ll stick to that doesn’t cause stress in the family.


When certain conditions fall outside the realm of our expertise, the patient’s interests are paramount, so we will refer them to specialists who focus on these specific areas. Accordingly, we are part of a strong network of specialists with whom we have reciprocal trusting relationships and to whom we refer specific or more general medical cases. This approach is also part of the changing context of medicine, including dental care, which tends towards precise specialisation.


Finally, to ensure we can keep up with our patients in the longer term, we undertake continuing professional development in all areas of dental care.

Our practice is now proud to say that it can offer tailored care for patients aged two to 103.

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