Oral surgery

The medical specialists at Cabinet Dentaire de Rumine perform all dental surgical procedures, including fitting implants.

We guarantee you pain-free care and consideration of your needs and concerns

Several treatment plans include care that involves surgical procedures.

Oral surgery is when the dentist performs incisions and inserts stitches as part of the following treatments:

  • Simple tooth extractions
  • Complex tooth extractions
  • Extractions of impacted wisdom teeth
  • Implant fitting
  • Extraction of the apex (the tip of the root), ranula, granuloma or cyst removal, etc.

In our practice, every instance of oral surgery involves the same stages.

In some circumstances, the X-rays may alert us to an unusual difficulty specific to your case. In these exceptional cases, we are happy to refer you to the maxillo-facial surgeon, Dr Arza, at the Cecil clinic in Lausanne, with whom we work closely.


The pricing policy for surgical procedures mostly depends on the complexity of the planned procedure. The initial consultation allows us to estimate charges.

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