Care that lasts a lifetime

Cabinet Dentaire de Rumine is by your side to help with dental issues at every stage and age of life

A lasting relationship with a dentist you can trust

Your own natural teeth are designed to last a lifetime. Nowadays, a new patient aged 60 is considered “still young” and someone for whom we have to find solutions which are lasting, efficient, tailored and potentially adaptable for the next three decades.


Our treatment plans follow a long-term approach. We attend to your needs and take a holistic approach to your oral health. Our aim is optimum rehabilitation – and that’s what we’ll discuss in our first consultation. Together, we’ll discuss the benefits and drawbacks of every possible solution – as there are always several options at very different price points.


Our aim is never to have to hear or say: “if only I’d known, I’d have done things differently.”

Détartrage - Cabinet Dentaire de Rumine


The hygienist in our dental practice is a healthcare professional specialising in the health of your teeth and gums.

Problèmes de gencives - Cabinet Dentaire de Rumine

Gum conditions

Periodontology is the treatment of all the tissue that surrounds the tooth.

This word comes from the Greek “peri” (around) and “odontos” (tooth).

Traitement des caries - Cabinet Dentaire de Rumine

Treating cavities

Cavities are caused by bacteria taking hold and proliferating in the affected tooth.

We treat them and give you advice.

Traitement des racines - Cabinet Dentaire de Rumine

Root treatment

Commonly known as root treatment, this type of care involves making a tooth dead by removing the dental pulp, the living part of the tooth.

Soins prothétiques - Cabinet Dentaire de Rumine

Prosthetic treatment

Dental prosthetics are produced by our dental technician in Lausanne.

They are made to measure for you.

Soins esthétiques - Cabinet Dentaire de Rumine

Cosmetic treatments

Cosmetic care is centred around the patient’s feelings and perceptions.

In our practice, we strive to understand your needs.

Chirurgie orale - Cabinet Dentaire de Rumine

Oral surgery

Several treatments include care that involves surgical procedures.

Dental surgery is when the dentist makes incisions and stitches.

Les implants en théorie - Cabinet Dentaire de Rumine

Implants – the theory

A dental implant is a titanium screw inserted in the jawbone.

This screw replaces the natural root of the tooth and offers certain benefits.