Tartar and plaque removal by the hygienist at Cabinet Dentaire de Rumine in Lausanne

Preventive dental health and deep cleaning

Our practice hygienist is a healthcare professional highly specialised in caring for your teeth and gums.

Her role is key in the early diagnosis of cavities in children and adults. Early detection helps avoid two difficult consequences:

  • first of all, the more badly affected the tooth (extent of the decay), the more complex it is to repair the damage, which makes care more costly for the patient.
  • Secondly, when bacteria reach the living pulp inside the tooth, which contains the dental nerve, this causes severe pain, commonly known as “toothache”. This very painful affliction can only be dealt with efficiently with root treatment.

The care provided by the dental hygienist also has an influential effect on the condition of the tissue surrounding the teeth, known as periodontium. Regular removal of tartar is the first line of defence in preventing disease of the periodontium, known as periodontitis. As with cavities, early diagnosis of the condition limits the amount of care required to treat it.

It’s a major health challenge, as inflamed gums can help bacteria enter the bloodstream.


She has all the latest techniques at her disposal to perform these treatments and remove tartar from the mouth.

She values your time and will strive to see you at your appointment time. She is passionate about her work and will gladly share her expertise with you, provide you with specific advice to suit you and answer your questions at length.

Accordingly, regular hygienist check-ups help prevent local afflictions in the mouth, as well as more serious systemic complications to your health.


The hygienist and the practice dentists are in constant communication, although this may take place behind the scenes.

This allows us to update our treatment plans on a regular basis and to organise treatment between regular hygienist appointments and specific dentist procedures.


The treatment required determines the appropriate time between appointments, tailored to suit your needs.

This may vary from quarterly to monthly, depending on how much tartar accumulates on the crown of your tooth and how aggressively it attacks your tissue.


With the shared goal of helping your teeth stay healthy for longer, we can only encourage you to attend appointments with the hygienist as frequently as she suggests, after you have discussed the matter.


To give you an idea, you will find costs for scaling in our practice below:

  • Light: CHF 125.60
  • Standard: CHF 141.30
  • Major: CHF 157.00
  • Practice disinfection: CHF 13.90
  • Fluoride gel application: CHF 10.50

These costs do not include any X-ray check-ups or anaesthetic, nor a dental diagnosis requested by the patient.

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