Implant fitting

At Cabinet Dentaire de Rumine, we specialise in fitting implants for patients of all ages

Dental crowns and bridges in Lausanne

For more than 15 years now, we’ve been fitting dental implants for patients of all ages – paying close attention to their comfort and the look of their smile.


Careful preparation is the foundation for the success of this ultra-technical, high-precision treatment. To achieve optimum results, the first implant consultation must involve:

  • A precise and targeted examination of the patient’s medical history aimed at identifying any rare contraindications
  • A set of X-rays to analyse exactly how the implant surgery can be achieved
  • A cost evaluation of the suggested treatment plan and, ultimately, a proposed treatment schedule.

The classic set of X-rays involves periapical X-rays and a panoramic X-ray. This examination helps diagnose infections affecting the roots of the teeth and evaluate bone quality. However, it mainly offers an insight into inter-individual anatomical variability aimed at locating the anatomical structures surrounding the implant site.


If we require more specific information, we will be pleased to refer you to a radiology department in our network of trusted partners for a 3D volumetric analysis. This digital imaging allows us to understand the surgical environment in the different planes of space.


To make the dental crown for fitting on the implant, we work closely with an excellent lab in the centre of Lausanne. This means that we can guarantee a product that meets the highest standards of Swiss quality – and the lab team can also come into the practice, if need be. This is not possible when prosthetics are made abroad.


We work with two implant brands, STRAUMANN and NOBEL BIOCARE. Experience led us to work with these two leading brands – their product ranges complement each other and allow us to respond to all kinds of specific situations.


By its very nature, each individual patient’s situation and each implant is a new challenge for our team and we do all we can to offer a personalised service to our patients.


“For me, implants are one of the most exciting areas of dentistry.” Dr Rémi Cohen Adad.

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