Fear of the dentist

Over many years, Cabinet Dentaire de Rumine has developed an approach to defusing patients’ anxiety during care

Say farewell to your phobia of the dentist!

Fear of the dentist

We have longstanding expertise in caring for patients who suffer from fear of the dentist, also known asdental phobia.


Over almost two decades, we’ve received many patients who suffer from severe anxiety and even a phobia of dentists. Just like being in a dark car park at night-time, we all feel the same sense of worry, a slight sensation of alertness and vulnerability – and that’s a normal reaction. mIt’s when emotions encroach on your everyday life that it becomes a problem. To the extent that you only visit the dentist in an emergency.


What we bring, with all our experience, is the ability to make your fear disappear – that dread you get when your next dentist appointment is coming up in a week’s time. We can turn this into a little “stage fright” in the few minutes before you step into the spotlight – something that’s a lot easier to live with.

Fear associated with worries about pain

At the dentist, the sensation of pain is often much stronger than for equally intense pain experienced in a different context. More specifically, the sensation is amplified by fear of the dentist.


Some patients may have had a bad experience with pain in the dentist’s chair in the past, often in childhood. This negative experience can become a trauma that results in patients constantly putting off treatment or ultimately deciding to go without it completely.


One of our greatest strengths is being able to draw on our experience of managing sensitive situations. Understanding your concerns and your lived experience is essential to our team and we will find solutions to suit you, to overcome them together.


That’s why we pay constant attention to how we handle any pain that arises. We don’t just have a full range of every possible state-of-the-art local and regional anaesthetic – we’re always on hand to listen and help.


This is what led Dr Rémi Cohen Adad to train as a hypnotherapist recognised by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH).

Is pain normal at the dentist?

No! We’ve got everything we need to perform pain-free procedures.

In the course of normal care, you should never feel pain at our practice.


Only in emergencies, such as severe toothache/dental abscesses, is the response to anaesthetic less certain. However, it’s always possible to adjust doses of anaesthetic to ensure the patient enjoys a good level of comfort.

Medical hypnosis – a useful tool

Hypnosis, practised by Dr Rémi Cohen Adad, recognised by the NGH, enables us to work towards a cure, pure and simple, of your fear of the dentist.