Medical hypnosis

Cabinet Dentaire de Rumine lets you enjoy the benefits of hypnosis for peace of mind in the dentist’s chair

Dental care under hypnosis in Lausanne

The medical hypnosis performed in our practice makes it possible to gently alter patients’ state of consciousness and thereby perform numerous types of dental or surgical procedure without anaesthetic and soothe cases of dental phobia.


This practice is suitable for everyone.


For patients who wish to benefit from this approach to treatment, the initial appointment allows us to get to know you, understand the difficulties you have experienced and propose potential solutions together with a cost estimate linked to the treatment. We can then proceed to dental treatment under hypnosis.


Medical hypnosis offersseveral benefits, such as:

  • Treating anxious patients in a relaxed environment
  • Reducing the sense of time spent in the dentist’s chair
  • Following hypnosis, emerging from treatment in a revitalised and positive mental state
  • Reducing the amount of medication patients take and the use of anaesthetic
  • Promoting healing and reducing post-operative bleeding.

The drawbacks need to be mentioned, too – particularly, that using hypnosis extends the length of treatment compared with treatment performed under anaesthetic. False beliefs conveyed by “stage” hypnosis may also be an obstacle to its efficiency in a medical setting.

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